2015 JUNE

Ylva Holländer

Ylva Holländer: Génesis, 2015.

Ylva Holländer’s work is always full of playfulness and humor, but also bears deeper undertones of philosophical and existential contemplation. The oftentimes absurd characters and images have a subtle tongue-in-cheek feel to them, but they drive the viewer to face such profound themes as life, death and nature. Holländer herself likes to think that the tears of both joy and sorrow are present in her work.

Hollandär is technically versatile and always chooses the form that suits best the idea. Her sculptures are multifaceted and often composed of miniature worlds that study the nature of life. Furthermore, in their meticulous detail and flowing imagery, Holländer’s drawings are influenced by 18th century natural science studies.

Ylva Holländer: Encyclopaédia secundum 2015.

Holländer’s latest project titled Orbis Pictus combines sculpture and drawing, as she creates large spheres, paved with felt drawings on the inside. The sphere thus forms an encyclopedia of sorts, where the viewer can marvel at Holländer’s intricate drawings depicting themes such as love, death, catastrophes, sickness and flora & fauna. Upon completion the project forms a triptych, serving material for philosophical reflection of the underlying questions of life.

Holländer is FCINY’s artist-in-residence through June. In New York she plans to gather material for the third and final part of the Orbis Pictus.