2016 JULY

Tuula Pöyhönen

Tuula Pöyhönen: Sohvaryijy, prototype. Photo by Timo Junttila.

Tuula Pöyhönen: My Life Boxes, 2016. Photo by Timo Junttila.

Tuula Pöyhönen is a cross-disciplinary designer known especially for her work with Marimekko and her own company ONNI with products ranging from clothing to bags and other accessories.

Pöyhönen has made a career with fashion and textile until recently taking a turn towards her carpenter ancestry. In 2015 Pöyhönen introduced My Life Boxes, customizable wooden boxes that function both as cradles and urns. Luggage made out of plywood – to accompany the journey in between – is also in the making.

Her current project combines both her design paths with a humanitarian aspect. The concept in its essentials is that of a sofa cover rug produced by Syrian refugee women. Pöyhönen provides a base design and sets the knotting technique but decisions regarding the coloration and patterning of the rug are left for the individual makers. With the rug already in proto phase, Pöyhönen is now looking to connect with people and organizations working with projects that bring work opportunities to refugee camps.

Tuula Pöyhönen is FCINY’s artist-in-residence for the month of July. Besides seeking connections, Pöyhönen plans on giving in to all the inspirations New York might have in store.

Tuula Pöyhönen: My Life Boxes, 2016. Photo by Timo Junttila.