2018 MAR–MAY

Tuula Anttonen

 Tuula Anttonen,  Grey, Black, White,  2018. Photo: Rauno Träskelin

Tuula Anttonen, Grey, Black, White, 2018. Photo: Rauno Träskelin

Tuula Anttonen is Triangle Art Association and FCINY’s artist-in-residence from March to May 2018

For artist Tuula Anttonen paintings are like diary entries that depict her inner life. “The painting knows more about my feelings than I do. I don’t want to over-explain my paintings – I want there to be room for the viewer’s own interpretation.” Moving fluently between abstract and representational, Anttonen’s paintings allow one to see silhouettes and movement on the canvas if they want to.

Recently the artist has focused on contemplating existential questions, such as an individual’s place in the world and their role as part of society. Often the scenarios she paints on the canvases are dense with friction. When looking at the works from the series Customer Officer’s Grip, for instance, it is not clear if the interaction between the figures is caring or alarming.

The background of Anttonen’s canvases imitates cross-ruled paper, and other elements of drawing have lately entered her works as well. During her residency at the Triangle Arts Association, Anttonen will paint new works for her upcoming solo exhibition at Galleria G in Helsinki in August 2018.

 Tuula Anttonen,  Seizure  ,  From the series  Customer Officer's Grip,  2016 .  Photo: Rauno Träskelin

Tuula Anttonen, SeizureFrom the series Customer Officer's Grip, 2016Photo: Rauno Träskelin