Terhi Tuominen & Jitan V Patel

Dayground: New Order storage system, (c) Chikako Harada

Dayground: Kaj Franck & Beyond installation, (c) KLOK video agency

Social living, wellbeing and sustainability form the basis for the new home office concept by designer and interior architect Terhi Tuominen and designer and art director Jitan V Patel. Tuominen and Patel seek effective use of space in small households without having to compromise the standard of living. The duo focuses on creating and dividing space in proliferating home offices and in a culture where work is more mobile than ever and can be done anytime anywhere.

In today’s big cities, whether in New York or Helsinki, people tend to live in small and limited spaces. Tuominen and Patel aim to develop a line of products and furniture for small households, which enable the separation of work and personal space.

Tuominen and Patel investigate the pitfalls and problems of living and home decoration, and more precisely the home office, the sleeping area, different types of storage solutions and the need for privacy. In their design, Tuominen and Patel focus on a user-oriented and multipurpose aspect through the approach of furniture design. By creating and implementing new concepts for space solutions for the home office, Tuominen and Patel create new spaces that fill the needs of the urban living spaces of today and the future.

Tuominen received the Young Designer of the Year Award in Finland in 2009, and the previous year her Blackbird collection was awarded the internationally prestigious Red Dot. Tuominen and Patel both live and work in Helsinki, where they run the design agency Dayground.