2016 APRIL

Teemu Seppänen

Teemu Seppänen: Mygenchair, experimental design application for generating chairs by an adaptation of the eigenface algorithm over a database of 25 classic chairs, 2012.

Teemu Seppänen is an architect specialized in advanced geometry. He explores the newest techniques used in algorithmic and parametric architecture, seeking out ways to reach beyond the modern thought of streamlined global esthetics.

The advancement of digital architecture has been fast in recent years, providing solutions to technical problems in both planning and production. But what are the new, yet unresolved problems? While everything seems to have become technically possible, Seppänen has noticed the architectural scene focusing into the direction of content.

For Seppänen’s practice, the main challenge is embedded in the logic of programming itself. How, he wonders, would it be possible to override the guiding logical solutions of programming in favor of locality, culture and symbolism? And what would the fitting manners of approach be?

Teemu Seppänen, Auvo Lindroos: Buzz, a charging station for electric cars, 2014.

During his residency Seppänen will work on advancing experimental methods in digital architecture by taking advantage of big data. 3D models based on videos and photographs, GPS data and open databases will serve as materials to be indexed and categorized as objects, spaces and routes in the city. Seppänen will then remix the material to form novel geometrical shapes. The end results might vary from a collection of diary-like visualisations to 3D prints of these shapes.

Teemu Seppänen will stay in New York as FCINY’s artist-in-residence for the month of April.