2015 MAY–JUN

Teemu Oksanen


Designer Teemu Oksanen of SILENCIO Ltd introduces Guidio, a new kind of audio guide application that is installed in the user’s smartphone, rendering the old, often times dysfunctional audio guide machines obsolete. The actual audio guides can be downloaded via Wi-Fi beforehand, so no roaming charges are needed.

Combined with the technology of the smartphone-platforms the app also allows museum-goers to enjoy indoor navigation, which will, in effect make museums more intuitive especially for vision-impaired visitors. Applied to museums, the application recognizes the user’s movements and location inside the exhibition spaces, and as the user stops to examine a work of art the app activates to play back curated content on the piece in question.

The Guidio app has been developed in cooperation with the Finnish Federation of the Visually Impaired and is in use in select Finnish museums.

Besides design management and branding, Oksanen has an extensive background in interior architecture and curating exhibitions. During his two-month-stay through May in New York, he plans to introduce the new system to the North-American professionals.