2016 DEC–FEB

Simo & Tuike Alitalo

Simo & Tuike Alitalo, Wind Farm, 2012. Listening walk and installation.

Simo and Tuike Alitalo are FCINY’s and Triangle Art Association’s artists-in-residence in December 2016–February 2017. Specialized in sound art, their practice also involves installation and environmental art, participatory performances as well as writing.

Exploring the ways places are heard, Alitalos’ work emerges from the central questions of acoustemology, i.e. acoustic epistemology. What do we experience through sound, listening and other auditive practices? How is our knowledge shaped by the things we hear in our surroundings?

The duo is known for their sound installations based on field recordings. In addition, their work may also take the form of participatory art production, communal sound performance or a listening walk. Regardless of their method, they wish to provide their public with tools to help them approach and understand the sonic riches of their landscapes.

During their residency Simo and Tuike Alitalo plan to explore the soundscape and the rhythms of New York. Constantly looking for new ways to connect with the acoustic ecology they live in, they are looking forward to work in sonic surroundings that differ remarkably from their own environment.

Triangle is a non-profit arts organization whose mission is to support emerging and mid-career international and national visual artists, encouraging dialogue and experimentation through workshops, residencies and exhibition opportunities. The partnership between Triangle Arts Association and FCINY is funded by The Finnish Cultural Foundation.

Simo & Tuike Alitalo, Hearkenings, 2013. 6-channel sound installation.