Sasu Marila

Architect Sasu Marila runs his own architecture studio in Helsinki. In his previous position as a project manager of the SARC Architects he worked mostly in the field of public architecture, whereas his personal projects have been related to residential architecture and urbanism.

When it comes to architecture, Marila states he is interested in everything and nothing. He doesn't want to depict his work in terms of a certain style or approach. Instead of aiming towards stylistic coherence, he strives to realize efficiency, rationality, ecology and the elements of surprise in his designs.

At the moment Marila is interested in mixing up and questioning what he has learned in his profession until now, as well as adopting new perspectives to architecture and to his own work. New York, and its incoherence combined with the City's distinctive character, serves as an inspiration for Marila. Therefore, while in New York, he wants to explore the mix of buildings, urban spaces and events.