Santtu Mustonen

Santtu Mustonen: Artwork for Flow Festival 2011

Santtu Mustonen: Brand theme for (capsule) Show NYC 2013

Vibrant colors, dynamic patterns, three-dimensional-looking graphics and tangible textures: illustrator Santtu Mustonen’s recognizable designs bring together illustration and animation in a highly original manner.

By experimenting with motion, Mustonen strengthens the visual effects of his imagery and brings his illustrations to life. He aspires to broaden the field of illustration by using different techniques. Mustonen says he enjoys working with 3D effect, since it allows him to “fool around in a fake fantasy world.”

Looking at Mustonen’s work, the description is easily understandable. The often abstract and fairytale-like aesthetics reminds us of the world of retro style video games and animated adventures.

Mustonen’s signature style plays with the contradiction of organic and artificial, consisting of bright playful colors, organic patterns and experimental shapes. The sense of motion is often achieved by using analog paintings and textures as a basis for computer-generated illustrations and animations.

During his residency period, Mustonen continued his collaboration with the creative agency Hugo & Marie. His clients include companies such as The New York Times, Wired and Capsule.