2013 APRIL

Pia Kilpinen

Baana, Helsinki, 2012, (c) Pia Kilpinen

Baana, Helsinki, 2012, (c) Pia Kilpinen

Architect Pia Kilpinen works for the City of Helsinki at the City Planning Department. She has participated in the planning and execution of several projects shaping the infrastructure of the city.

Kilpinen was part of the development team of Baana, a pathway that provides pedestrians and cyclists with about a mile long connector through the city centre of Helsinki, offering a safe bicycle route to many points in the city. Located on old railway tracks, Baana is sometimes called the “Low Line” as opposed to New York City’s High Line.

Kilpinen has also taken part in the zoning of the Cloud City project in Helsinki. The design for this high-rise residential building is a project demonstrating the possibilities of diversified and ecological building in Helsinki. Designed by ALA Architects, Cloud City combines the peace normally found in suburban housing with an urban location in a penthouse rising above the city. The building is supposed to be situated in an inner courtyard of Merikortteli in Helsinki, a block of former industrial buildings dating back to the early 20th century.