2012 MAY–JUN

Pekka Vesterinen

Pekka Vesterinen: Adaptive Shade, 2011

Pekka Vesterinen: High, 2011

Painter Pekka Vesterinen’s brush strokes have a resemblance to the fast motion captured in a photograph. He works primarily in oil on canvas and uses rich, vibrant colors within square frames to evoke a sense of movement.

Vesterinen's series of color field paintings are full of light. The scale of his works ranges from large 5 to 10 feet tall paintings to smaller ones, often shown together as installations. The artist's intention is to communicate a sense of optimism and tranquility with his works. The softly sliding colors and overlapping variations form their own particular aesthetic and visual space.

Vesterinen's work has been widely shown over the last 25 years in Finland and abroad.