2013 JAN–JUN

Niko Luoma

Niko Luoma: Systematic Collapse B to R, 2013, Pigment print

Niko Luoma: Ligeti #4, 2012, Pigment print

Photographic artist Niko Luoma harvests light and time. Through a calculated, analogue technique of exposing a single negative to lines of light hundreds or even thousands of times, the finished work visualizes time with the means of analogue photography. Luoma’s creative process could be described as drawing with light.

Luoma is constantly looking for new ways of challenging the photographic process in order to avoid obvious solutions. In his work Luoma focuses on energy rather than matter, and finds his inspiration in the juxtaposition between the geometry and chaos of nature. He sees nature as an abstract chaos of different elements, a state in which pure abstraction functions as a continuous experiment.

One of Luoma’s main ambitions is to discuss the abstract potential of photography. In a number of his works the photographs are completely detached from their customary task of recording reality. He takes advantage of the optical possibilities of the camera lens, in order to capture physical phenomena such as light in space.

Niko Luoma took part in the six-month-long residency program, sponsored by the Alfred Kordelin Foundation, at the International Studio and Curatorial Program (ISCP) in Brooklyn.