2016 MAY

Nomen Nescio

Nomen Nescio: High Turtleneck. Photo by Federico Cabrera

Nomen Nescio: Parka Coat. Photo by Federico Cabrera

Informal uniforms – this is how Niina Leskelä & Timo Leskelä describe the basic collection of their unisex fashion label Nomen Nescio. The collection’s garments are based on corporeal necessities and functionality, and in their uncompromising blackness and minimalism, they seem solemn in expression.

The name of the label implies that the garments are designed for an unknown, non-specified person. With functionality and anonymity as the base, the material quality and the ways of production become the real substance of design. For the Leskeläs, aesthetic minimalism is not only a choice of style, but a manifestation of the ecological ideals behind Nomen Nescio’s production: simple design enhances the propriety of the garment thus furthering its longevity.

Nomen Nescio: Basic and Minimal Blazer with Slim and Loose Trousers. Photo by Federico Cabrera.

In the near future the basic collection will be accompanied by a seasonal one with a more experimental approach to materials and the ways in which they can be worked. Current prototypes include jacket, shorts, shoes and a backpack made out of reindeer leather.

Niina and Timo Leskelä are FCINY’s artists-in-residence for the month of May 2016. During their time in New York they will shoot inspirational photographs of architecture, details and surfaces and sketch the outlines for their future collections.


Nomen Nescio: Architectural location shoot, Barcelona. Photo by Federico Cabrera.