Moosa Myllykangas

Moosa Myllykangas: Frog, 2010

Contemporary culture is filled with visual pollution and violence that we cannot escape, even if we wanted to. Visual artist Moosa Myllykangas wants to explore the possibility of making a difference with beauty.

Myllykangas feels that controversial art is often ugly and disfigured. She wants to go against this trend, and aims to take a critical stance towards the ugliness of the messages media constantly throws into our consciousness. “For me striving for beauty is an important part of all aspects in life,” she says.

Myllykangas explores the themes important to her by trying to find beauty in ready-made materials and things that would have otherwise gone to waste, such as residue from small industries. Her background is in textile art, but in the recent years she has focused on hard materials, such as plastic and acryl. She says that the choice of material has become irrelevant to her, as long as it supports the message.

She has also stretched the borders between art and industrial design by embedding in her art pieces of jewellery, which you can wear and place back into the artwork afterwards. This kind of convertible jewellery in her series of works Kaunista (Beautiful) is in the heart of Myllykangas’ ideological practice, which is all about reusing and recycling material.