2015 JAN–FEB

Mikko Kallio

Artist Mikko Kallio sees his creative practice as an endeavor to implement something that seems to be impossible, almost magical. Kallio creates small-scale collages filled with details and different patters working mostly with pencil, papercutting, watercolor and marker. During his artistic career, Kallio has alternated between abundantly detailed and colorful, and more minimalist expression, still sustaining certain mysterious tone and aesthetics in his art work. He has presented his work in numerous solo and group exhibitions in Finland and abroad.

Rather than depicting the reality as it is, Mikko Kallio aims to create a whole new world with surrealist forms and human figures. In this new reality, the history, the present and the future merge into simultaneous and overlapping moments. In Kallio’s own words, the different fragments in his pictures accumulate into one entirety, just as unpredictable experiences constitute the worldview of each individual. The clusters of different patterns and dots depict the exchange between visible and invisible realities.

Mikko Kallio is FCINY’s artist-in-residence in January-February 2015.


Mikko Kallio: Untitled, 2013.

Mikko Kallio: Untitled, 2013.