Mats Lönngren

3012 watch series, designed by Mats Lönngren for Hygge

3012 watch, designed by Mats Lönngren for Hygge.

More often than not, less is more. This is definitely the case with the 3012 watch series designed by Mats Lönngren for Hygge. 3012 introduces simple, light and clear indication of time, with two hand discs providing a recognizable symbol that translates into its character and functionality. The simplified stainless steel case is considered to the last detail providing a calm environment to view the display.

The design process of the watch series started from the basic form of the watch face. The goal was to find a user-friendly and at the same time unique way of representing time. The result is a minimalist, functional and aesthetic product, in which each design detail has been crafted to highlight the display. The logic of the watch face is very simple; the bottom disc indicates hours and top disc minutes.

Mats Lönngren’s approach to design problems is a holistic one. As an industrial designer, his distinguishing competence is his ability to address a wide range of design problems that require both conceptual and pragmatic approach to design. With a strong background both in product and conceptual design, Lönngren has worked with several organizations, including Nokia, KONE and Fiskars. Lönngren is currently based in Helsinki, working for the agency Pentagon Design.

Mats Lönngren was FCINY’s artist-in-residence in September 2014.