Marko Vuorinen

Marko Vuorinen: Until My Heart Bursts #2, 2014. ProSec, 750x500mm.

Marko Vuorinen: Tamara W. #2, 2012. Framed C-print, 1150x780mm.

Marko Vuorinen is an artist working within the fields of documentary filmmaking and writing with a focus on social issues, gender equality and sexuality. He approaches these subjects through stories of individuals, stating that "there would be a lot less unjust judgment in the world if we would simply force ourselves to stop, sit down, and hear each other's life stories.”

During his residency in New York Vuorinen is going to film the last part of a film trilogy that begun with Tamara W., a stripped-down look into the world of voguing, escort business, ecstasy addiction, sexual abuse, and being a transgender girl. Tamara W. premiered in August 2014 gaining recognition in US film festivals as well as a highlight in the New York Times.

Marko Vuorinen: From film “Tamara W.”, 2014.

Second part of the trilogy was shot in St. Petersburg, Russia, in the fall of 2015. The film titled “Eight” explores the trials, tribulations and triumphs of finding and being in love in contemporary Russia, as told by the women of the city. “Eight” is in now post-production.

Marko Vuorinen is FCINY’s artist-in-residence for August 2016.


Marko Vuorinen: Look of Love #1, 2015. ProSec, 600x400mm.