2011 MAY–JUN

Mari Isopahkala

Mari Isopahkala: KURKI LED lamp, 2011. Image: Chikako Harada.

Mari Isopahkala: JAM light, 2011. Glass, cork and 1W LED. Image: Chikako Harada.

Mari Isopahkala is Helsinki based designer working widely between product, jewelry, furniture, light, textile, exhibition and spatial design. Her professional ideology springs from traditional craftsmanship that she updates with a modern, off-boundary touch. Combining unorthodox materials, sustainability and innovative design is characteristic to her design. Isopahkala’s designs have received international critical acclaim and in 2011 she was selected the guest designer of the year by the Finnish jewelry company Lapponia.

Mari Isopahkala’s elegant handprint and user-friendly approach to design can be seen in her beautiful light fixture designs, such as Kurki mobile led light and Jam table and pendant lamp. Kurki is a standing led light with birch wood arms moving 360 degrees where the user needs light. While arms are closed the light is shut down, and by moving any arm horizontally the light turns on in that particular arm. This allows the user to simultaneously adjust the look of the fixture and the amount of light it emits. Using ecological and small component led lights enables the minimal look, which makes the product work both as a lamp and a graceful light sculpture.

“There always needs to be a reason to do - though the reason is functional or just a beauty.  With my design I’m always aiming to generate a reaction into the people.” Mari Isopahkala was FCINY’s artist-in-residence in May-June 2011.