2015 AUG–SEP

Maija Blåfield

Maija Blåfield, Golden Age, 2015, still from a video

Imagine filming footage and leaving it unwatched for 15 years before picking it up again. What kind of stories would you edit from the original shots? What kind of perspective would the temporal distance create? Maija Blåfield’s film “Golden Age” is a documentary film taking originally unrelated shots spanning over 15 years and combining them with a recreated soundtrack and dialogue.  The result is documentating the memories and remembrances instead of  what originally had been portrayed and in most cases it tells an entirely different story than was intended to record.


Main subjects of Maija Blåfield’s work are the various ways of interpreting reality and exploring the fantastic side of our everyday life – the momentary glimpses from another world amidst the mundane. She works with experimental documentary film, writing and photography, always bringing together documentary and fiction in one way or another.


Maija Blåfield spends August through September as FCINY’s resident-artist. She plans to use this time to work with her future projects  as well as get acquainted with the New York art scene.




Maija Blåfield, Golden Age, 2015, still from a video