2012 JUL–DEC

Lauri Astala

Lauri Astala: Small Spectacle about Encountering, 2005, interactive video installation, installation view (c) Sakari Viika

Lauri Astala’s artworks conceptualize spatiality. His recent videos and computer generated video installations focus on our experience of the cultural structures, which form the ways we conceive space.

Recently Astala has concentrated on the physical experience of space. In connection to the theme of spatiality, he has also dealt with the phenomena of perception. During his career he has worked with several different media from sculptural pieces to video installations. Astala’s spatial conceptions also intertwine with the temporal, examining absence and presence, and the ambiguity of the sense of belonging.

Astala’s installations break the traditional division between the art object and the observing audience, inviting the spectator to become the centerpiece of the work. Art historian Hanna Johansson has described Astala's work: "He has taken the spectators of his works from the ancient cosmologies and scientific worldviews of the modern age to an intimate, yet always shared sphere of life."

Lauri Astala:  On Disappearance , 2012, interactive video installation, still from video

Lauri Astala: On Disappearance, 2012, interactive video installation, still from video