Katariina Sewón

Katariina Sewón and Salla Hoppu: proposal for Helsinki Central Library, 2012

Katariina Sewón: ice-cream kiosk for Nestlé Finland, 2012

Architect Katariina Sewón’s designs pop up all over Finland during the ice cream season. In 2011-2012 she remodeled Nestlé Finland’s Pingviini ice-cream kiosks. Increasing ergonomics and safety as well as creating new exteriors, Sewón created new looks for the kiosks in over 250 locations in the whole country.

The project was a one-year process commissioned as a part of World Design Capital Helsinki 2012. Sewón was pleased with the commissioner’s sustainable wish to utilize and recycle the frames of the old kiosks. The new frosty, velvety surface of the kiosks is polished sea aluminum.

In New York Sewón was exploring the new architecture and art museums using photography and watercolor. Focusing on the atmosphere of the city’s urban spaces she documented immediate perceptions that will later be used as a foundation for an upcoming exhibition.