Juha van Ingen

Juha van Ingen: Top-down, 2011

Juha van Ingen: (Dis)integrator, 1992, VHS (DV) Pal 4:3, 00:03:55, colour, stereo

Working with several media such as objects, installations and video, Juha Van Ingen’s artistic practice mixes work and play. His mobile, process-like works often find their inspiration in coincidental events or concepts he just happens to encounter with. Using these seemingly random elements is emblematic to his work.

Van Ingen constructs a sort of a game for the viewer to engage in. He takes advantage of small faults and errors produced by technology in media contents, and deliberately makes them visible, showing us the inseparable relationship between the technical systems and the final outcome created with them.

Recently Van Ingen’s primary medium has been video. His artistic process usually starts by stripping down the selected subject to its basic elements, which he then recomposes to meet his artistic objectives. His recent works include gifs and short video animations, which are repeated several times a second.

Another recent project of his is a series of video works where he studies the structures of a landscape. The starting points for the New York-executed project were the city skyline and waterfront. "The documentation of the Manhattan skyline was great fun: I just joined the thousands of other tourists with my digital camera and aimed high," the artist says.