Johanna Himberg & Tommy Lindgren

Johanna Himberg & Tommy Lindgren, Illustration of Manhattan, 2017.

Architects Johanna Himberg and Tommy Lindgren are FCINY's artists-in-residency for the month of August 2017.

During their residency period in New York Johanna Himberg and Tommy Lindgren will focus on the tension between contemporary urban development and the impact it has on the inhabitants. The archaic, slowly transforming infrastructure of old, global cities is in constant conflict with rapidly generating new business models, products and services, general means of consumption, and recently increased flexibility of contemporary lifestyles. New York City, a perfect example of this tension between the old and the new, will serve as the point of departure for their investigation.

Through interviews with architects, personal observations, and other forms of civic engagement Himberg and Lindgren attempt to analyse the different ways to develop modern cities through urban planning and architecture in order to respond to the diverse forms and demands of contemporary life.

Johanna Himberg works as an architect at the architectural office SARC Architects based in Helsinki, Finland. She studies landscape architecture at Aalto University, Helsinki, focusing on the green networks of urban environments. Tommy Lindgren is a postgraduate student and a lecturer in urban planning at Aalto University. In addition he acts as a consultant regarding redevelopment and architectural projects executed in historical context.

Architect Tommy Lindgren designed B-Smokery in Teurastamo, Helsinki, in 2013. The restaurant is an example of a space where contemporary lifestyles meet the archaic infrastructure of old industrial districts. Photo courtesy of B-Smokery