2012 JULY

Janne Laine

Janne Laine: Underworld, 2008

Janne Laine: Forgotten Journey IV, 2011

In the beginning there is a photograph. 

The photograph is exposed onto a copper plate, after which the artist Janne Laine processes the plate with etching solution. Layer by layer Laine creates the final image, which is often a foggy and dreamlike landscape or a view over a shadowy, decayed garden. 

In order to combine what he finds is best about photography and printmaking, Laine mainly works with old heliogravure technique. Selecting his subject, photographing it, etching the plate and finally performing the act of printing, are all pivotal stages of the artistic process inseparable from the final artefact.

Laine’s colour spectrum is considerably narrow, most of the work being black and white or in different shades of gray. The delicate use of variation in colour gives a timeless feel to the works. 

Laine depicts both nature and people. His landscapes are often dreamlike and hazy, creating a sense of enigma between the layers of the porous print paper. Laine’s tendency to create aesthetic mysteries is present in his portrays as well. He wants to make the spectator curious about the sexual identity of the models, without giving away any obvious cues.