Inni Pärnänen

Inni Pärnänen: TUTU brooches, 2010

For jewelry designer and artist Inni Pärnänen, the excitement lies in the possibilities offered by the unusual materials she uses: parchment paper, cow horn, wax, copper and paint to name a few. Paper flower rings, parchment paper brooches in the shape of a leaf or a bud, necklaces with little flowers made of cow horn – Pärnänen’s jewels take their form from nature while their delicacy and translucence come from the materials used. “It is the possibilities of a material or technique that appeal to me and often start the process,” Pärnänen explains.

Pärnänen has made her latest adventure into the realm of jewelry made from pleated steel mesh—a material so thin and light that it enables her to create larger pieces with complex forms that still have a textile-like translucence. The structure is so flexible that the pieces conform to the movement of their user like a piece of clothing. The shadows reflected by the mesh onto the skin of the wearer form one of the leading ideas of this jewelry line.