2016 APR–MAY

Iiro A. Ahokas

Iiro A. Ahokas: Hazard, lighting in extruded stoneware, 1998. Photo: Iiro A. Ahokas.

Iiro A. Ahokas is a designer specialized in the fields of contemporary product and pattern design. The range of his design products varies from handcrafted unique objects to those manufactured industrially. Ahokas seeks to create a bold, alternative and dynamic design language to communicate his ideas through various materials and forms of design. His versatile portfolio includes ceramics and glass, textiles, wallpapers, lighting and furniture as well as wearable accessories.

Iiro A. Ahokas: Dynasty, bowl in black china and gold enamel, 2015. Photo: Iiro A. Ahokas.

Central to Ahokas’ practice is an interest towards the psychological aspects of design, and a desire to produce holistic lifestyle concepts.

The designer himself describes his intentions: ”As an artist and designer, one of the main interests and the thematic content of my work is in the psychological aspects of functionality as a diverse term in design. I see design in general as a study of social epidemic, the changes in our environment and the development of urban culture. This is especially interesting in the relationship between space and objects – how objects interact in space, and how humans interact with objects." 

Alongside with his career in commercial and creative design, Ahokas is known as a lecturer in product design. He has contributed in the multidisciplinary design education both as an invited guest lecturer, and a lecturer responsible for experimental design education in the MA degree programme of Applied Art and Design in Aalto University School of Arts, Design and Architecture.

Iiro A. Ahokas will be FCINY’s artist-in-residence for April and May 2016. During his time in New York, Ahokas will explore new professional approaches to the act of concepting print and pattern designs. His plan is to explore the city with open senses, submitting to its sounds, shapes, colors and scents and letting his perceptions guide the very process.


Iiro A. Ahokas: Turbulent, hand drawn and screen printed pattern for Marimekko, 2006.