2015 JAN–FEB

Hanna Sarén

Hanna Sarén: Daydreaming collection, 2012. Photo: Juha Nenonen


Hanna Sarén: Daydreaming collection, 2012. Photo: Juha Nenonen

Designer Hanna Sarén started her renowned fashion line of the same name in 2000 designing a collection of wooden clogs and handbags, which still possess an essential role as her signature products. Since then her refined, feminine and playful designs have been presented in exhibitions and fashion shows in Europe, Asia and USA. It’s no overstatement to say that Sarén has been one of the pioneers in internationalizing Finnish fashion design throughout her career.

In Hanna Sarén’s designs a significant role is played by colorful and humorous details, which signify her elegant and playful approach to design. This can be seen also in the Daydreaming collection, which consists of luxurious wooden clogs and clutch handbags. The vivid imagery of the collection with birds, blue skies and palm trees are inspired by holiday resorts and dream vacations. The shoes made of birch, leather and glitter highlight the importance of craftsmanship and the use of high quality materials. Also, as is typical for her design philosophy, the shoes aim to raise their user a few inches above the ordinary, making the everyday life a little bit more fun. Exactly as a holiday, or good fashion design for that matter, is supposed to do.

Besides her own fashion line Sarén has designed footwear, handbag and clothing collections for numerous other brands, and collaborated with companies such as Iittala, Seppälä, Skanno, Sony Eriksson and Swarovski. Hanna Sarén is FCINY’s artist-in-residence in January and February 2015.