2016 JUNE

Elina Helenius

Elina Helenius: Sammalseinä rug, 2012. Photo by Rauno Träskelin.

Elina Helenius is a textile designer especially known for her recent use of the scandinavian rya rug technique.

“The core of my fascination for the rya rugs lies in coloration. My work is an investigation to the depth and tonality of colors, and to textiles’ potential to convey coloristic moods in the spaces they occupy.”

Helenius realizes her larger scale rya rugs commissioned to offices and public spaces in collaboration with architects and craftspeople in order to make them a functional part of the space in question. Not only do the the scale of the rya rug and the qualities of its pile make a visual impact, they also affect the acoustics of the space. 

Elina Helenius: Mustapiste rug, 2014. Photo by Elina Helenius.

Helenius has been increasingly involved in the conception and production of co-creative design projects. These experiences have piqued her curiosity about collaborative and open design processes. Her plans for New York include visiting makers studios around the city and bringing knowledge of their modes of operation back to Finland. She will also continue working on a new rya rug.

Elina Helenius is FCINY’s artist-in-residence for June 2016.

Elina Helenius: Lämpöaalto rug, 2015. Photo by Jarkko Översti.