2017 JAN–FEB

Eeva Honkanen

Eeva Honkanen, Constant State of Tension, 2015. Ink drawing, 240 x 150 cm.

Visual artist Eeva Honkanen is FCINY’s artist-in-residence in January–February 2017. Emerging through free association, Honkanen's large-scale ink drawings burst with contradictory elements and exaggerated forms. Under the seemingly chaotic surface of Honkanen’s work lies a deep interest towards the essence of human nature.

Honkanen’s imagery is influenced by her religious upbringing and the comic books she secretly read as a child. With guilt and innocence as recurrent themes she often recreates religious and moral stories, leading her viewers into bizarre parallel worlds with incredible attention to detail.

Lately, Honkanen has been intrigued by the concept of impact, which for her signifies both threat and uncertainty, as well as the importance of living in the moment. In her drawings Honkanen filters the uncertainties and chaos of the surrounding world into images with subtle reference to Hieronymus Bosch’s work.

During her residency Honkanen will be working on a 100-foot drawing depicting life after impact. The work is to be viewed in a dark space with each viewer holding their own flashlight, in a way that parallels Honkanen’s work with ancient petroglyphs.


Eeva Honkanen, Facing Fears, 2016. Ink drawing, 240 x 120 cm.