Anne Siirtola

Anne Siirtola: Room of Growth, 2010, installation view

Anne Siirtola: Song of a Hungry Land, 2012, still from a video

Visual artist Anne Siirtola combines installation, moving image and sound in her work in order to explore interaction and encounters between people. The foundation of her work lies in the communal. Traces of change and dissolution that can be identified in both the human mind and in the physical matter are visible in Siirtola’s work. Her materials are often also reused, second-hand or discarded, cast-off. Siirtola documents her own life and the life of others by asking what is worthy and important in life.

In New York Siirtola continues with the video piece Dilemma, which she has been working on in Athens, Berlin and Karkkila. Dilemma deals with everyday conflicts such as the daily choices we make in our thoughts, words and deeds. The question remains how to combine ideals and everyday chaos. Dilemma consists of short narrative episodes. The material derives from Siirtola’s personal experiences, as well as from interviews and footage. Siirtola’s main interest lies in the fact that regardless of the city, whether it is New York or Karkkila, people’s needs and expectations either diverge from each other or don’t.

Due to the communal aspect of her work, Siirtola aims to explore contemporary art made in different projects and workshops, presented in galleries and other institutions, as well as produced in communities and in the streets of New York. She wants to explore how the different forms of especially social art are manifested.