2016 JUNE

Anne Hämäläinen

Anne Hämäläinen: Kitchen, 2012.

Anne Hämäläinen: Kitchen, 2012.

Alongside with her work as a photographer and a photo editor for the Finnish Broadcasting Company, Anne Hämäläinen uses the artistic medium for both collaborative and personal projects. Hämäläinen's photography is documentary in style but her method of work leaves plenty of room for chance.

Anne Hämäläinen & Sanni Seppo: Anna Ahmatova III, 2012.

One of the latest collaborative projects she worked on was a photographic series of the house museum of poet Anna Akhmatova in Saint Petersburg, Russia. After Hämäläinen photographed and gathered archival material of Akhmatova’s home, photographic artist Sanni Seppo worked them into collages. The project was published as a book and an exhibition in 2012. 

Anne Hämäläinen: Corridor, 2012.

Anne Hämäläinen is FCINY’s artist-in-residence for June 2016. She will take the residency period in New York as an opportunity to explore the city, which to her represents unexpected encounters with new people and places.