Aleksi Niemeläinen

Aleksi Niemeläinen / Futudesign: Additional building and attic extension for an apartment house designed in 1960. Helsinki, Finland, 2014. 

Architect Aleksi Niemeläinen is FCINY’s artist-in-residence for the month of October. Co-founder and CEO of Poseidon Helsinki and partner at Futudesign, Niemeläinen has over ten years of experience in urban design and architectural projects ranging from private residences and restaurant interiors to a performing arts center in Norway. Alongside with his work as an architect, Niemeläinen teaches sustainable urban design at Aalto University in Helsinki.

The ethics of property development as well as the changing role of architect in relation to investors, planners and contractors are issues that form the core of Niemeläinen’s practice. His architectural office Poseidon Helsinki centralizes the tasks of architect and builder in order to deliver high-quality construction processes and aesthetically ambitious architecture, leaning on quality over quantity.

One of the most recent examples of Niemeläinen’s holistic work is the comprehensive transformation of a former soda water factory into high-class apartments. Respecting the building’s historical layers and using high-quality materials and custom-made structures, the project illustrates Niemeläinen’s vision on how to sensitively develop the already existing structures of the city, densifying the urban space from within.

During his stay in New York, Niemeläinen’s goal is to study alternative models for property development and the future roles of architect. Drawing inspiration from diverse ongoing projects as well as research conducted at the Center for Urban Real Estate (CURE) at Columbia University, Niemeläinen hopes to find applicable solutions for improving the reputation of building trade and for developing our living environments.

Aleksi Niemeläinen / Poseidon Helsinki: Speranskintie 3 in Helsinki, Finland, 2014.