2012 MAY


Kaksitvå: Holiday Banana, for pop duo PMMP, 2012, (c) Tuomas Järvelä & Miikka Lommi


Kaksitvå: Friends pillow, 2011, (c) Tommi Hynynen

Marjo Kuusinen and Piia Keto first met at a punk club in Lahti, Finland in 1997. 

Eight years later, in 2005, the duo started their fashion brand Kaksitvå (kaksi means two in Finnish and två two in Swedish) by selling handmade lace jewelry at a student fair. The name of the brand was inspired by the Finnish-Swedish twins they knew, and whose dissimilar personalities intrigued Keto and Kuusinen.

Kaksitvå have since moved on from handmade collections, but the punk attitude and playfulness are still essential features of their style. Daring prints and cuts give their design a personal air. In each collection Kaksitvå combines recycled and new materials. Keto and Kuusinen say they find inspiration in everything that happens around them: Finnish country life as well as cosmopolitan adventures, and the extravagant parties the duo is famous for organizing. 

Kaksitvå brand has developed into covering an entire range of lifestyle products: clothing, jewelry, bags and accessories. In addition to fashion, the Kaksitvå product family includes household items such as pillows, chairs and tableware. They even have their own skateboarding team in Oaxaca, Mexico.

In New York the duo’s objective is to indulge themselves with the city in a proper Kaksitvå style: see, sense, smell and experience everything the city has to offer to the fullest. During their residency Kaksitvå is going to lead a jewelry workshop for children in DIY punk spirit. They will show the kids how to make their own simple yet exciting and innovative creations using recycled materials like paper, fabric or even old cell phones.