10 Artists, Designers and Architects Selected for 2020 Residences

The Finnish Cultural Institute in New York is pleased to announce the selection of artists, architects and designers for 2020 residencies.

Next year the Institute will host architects Maria Laisi, Milla Parkkali, Eveliina Sarapää and Franka Oroza; artists Tatjana Bergelt, Yassine Khaled and Marko Vuorinen; as well as designers Timo Berry, Tero Kuitunen and Anna Ruohonen for periods of two to three months.

Marko Vuorinen: From film  Tamara W. , 2014.

Marko Vuorinen: From film Tamara W., 2014.

The Institute’s independent residency program has been supporting Finnish artists, architects and designers in New York since the 1990’s. The program is open for members of the professional associations for Finnish architects (SAFA), designers (Ornamo) and artists (STS), and the selection for the residency program is done by the Institute’s Board of Directors. 

The focus of the residency program lies on research, artistic dialogue and cultural exchange, and the institute is specifically interested in supporting project proposals that connect to the city of New York.

Yassine Khaled,  Monitor Man,  2016–2019. Photo: Tani Simberg.

Yassine Khaled, Monitor Man, 2016–2019. Photo: Tani Simberg.

Taking advantage of the possibilities the city offers for academic research and exchanging thoughts and practices, Creative Director Timo Berry will develop and research place making and branding practices for urban areas. Industrial Designer Tero Kuitunen will be continuing his artistic work that explores the theme of touching through experimental material combinations. Fashion Designer Anna Ruohonen, whose brand is based on sustainability, aims to connect with the local fashion industry in search of partners to share and develop practices that support sustainable production and distribution.  

Architect Maria Laisi’s research focuses on the question of how to preserve the rough charm of former industrial cities, while architects Eveliina Sarapää and Franka Oroza collaborate to collect 100 ideas and examples of city densification in New York. Architect Milla Parkkali will work on her masters thesis by researching and identifying future trends of the architect’s work and exploring new concepts related to future business models.

Marski Quarter, Porvoo, 2018. Arkkitehdit Sarapää.

Marski Quarter, Porvoo, 2018. Arkkitehdit Sarapää.

Artist Tatjana Bergelt will do research for a multidisciplinary artists’ book project, and Visual artist Yassine Khaled carries out an interactive performance exploring the concept of otherness.  Following up after a previous residency in 2016, filmmaker and photographer Marko Vuorinen wants to take the next step forward toward a more established professional role and identity within the indie documentary film industry in the U.S.

Tero Kuitunen, Tiki Table lamps, 2019, slip cast terracotta, hand knot paper shade, brass and textile cable.

Tero Kuitunen, Tiki Table lamps, 2019, slip cast terracotta, hand knot paper shade, brass and textile cable.

Stipendiates for 2020:

Marko Vuorinen, artist (January–February 2020)

Yassine Khaled, artist (February–April 2020) 

Eveliina Sarapää & Franka Oroza, architects (March–April 2020) 

Timo Berry, designer (May–June 2020)

Tero Kuitunen, designer (May–July 2020)

Anna Ruohonen, designer (July–August 2020)

Maria Laisi, architect (August–September 2020)

Tatjana Bergelt, artist (September–October 2020)

Milla Parkkali, architect (October–December 2020)