Katri Mononen

Katri Mononen: Frozen Park, 2012

The recurring themes present in Katri Mononen’s paintings include snow and the confluence of constructed and natural environments. Snow both covers and reveals, creating new forms and making the known unfamiliar. The only human traces in Mononen’s work are landscapes molded by people. This can be seen as the humans’ struggle against nature and their attempts to control or rule it.

Constructed and temporary places fascinate Mononen. An example of this is the 22,500 square meters in-doors ski resort in the Mall of the Emirates in Dubai. The artificial slopes of Ski Dubai, generating an ambivalent sensation of both fascination and abhor, made a deep impact on her while visiting the Emirates.

Besides being a painter, Mononen is one of the founding members of the Tehdassaari cooperative, established in connection with Tehdassaari Projects in 2012. The multidisciplinary civic project aims to maintain an interactive and communal cultural environment for the residents of the Nokia small town in Central Finland. Tehdassaari Projects is located in a large old factory building originally used by the Nokia company as a machine and engine facility. Today the building contains an exhibition space, a music venue, a workspace for different arts, and design and textile spaces.



Katri Mononen: Sunset, 2013