Jarno Vesala

Jarno Vesala: The Blue Dream, installation view, 2008


Jarno Vesala: Raining Behind the Window, installation view, 2013

Jarno Vesala’s Finnish Young Artist of the Year 2013 exhibition consisted of installations: human-like sculptures combined with sound and video that conveyed horror and anxiety. The yearly award endows talented young artists with a grant and the opportunity to present a solo exhibition at the Tampere Art Museum.

Cinematic tendency where image and sound come together as a multisensory experience is typical for Vesala’s installations. Some say his works share narrative similarities with the Japanese tradition of horror movies.

Vesala constructs the space in a captivating way. The intensity of the atmosphere grows, as the audience gets more involved in the inner worlds of the characters. This creates an element of surprise, confusion, or even nightmarish fear. As a part of his artistic process, Vesala also films his sketches together with the final material for the installation, and this functions as the basis to the storyboard.