RADIAN seat, designed by Vesa Hinkola / Valvomo

RADIAN seat, designed by Vesa Hinkola / Valvomo

CCL light, designed by Timo Vierros / Valvomo

GLOBLOW big floor lamp, designed by Vesa Hinkola, Markus Nevalainen, Rane Vaskivuori / Valvomo

Valvomo, a Helsinki-based design collective founded in 1993, transformed an old fish locker building in the Meatpacking District into a design showcase that displayed a selection of innovative furniture and lighting designs. The exhibition was one of the main events of the Meatpacking District Design ’07 and the U.S. debut for Valvomo.

Valvomo, a Helsinki-based design studio founded in 1993, is a creative think-tank comprised of seven designers and architects. To coincide with the 19th annual International Contemporary Furniture Fair (ICFF) in May, this design collective displayed selected works spanning its fourteen-year history. The exhibition was the U.S. debut for Valvomo.

In addition to various types of furniture and lamps, the array of works stretches out into the field of architecture. Valvomo is well known in Europe for designing public spaces, restaurants, offices, and shops, as well as several exclusive private homes.

Valvomo’s work has always been endowed with a reluctance to follow certain trends or isms. Even if many a novel solution has seen the light of day, tradition has not been ruled out. The often humorous and always innovative design has frequently emanated variations of existing themes and schools. Usability and the deployment of the latest technologies often serve as a launching pad for design.

The seven internationally renowned architects and designers of Valvomo are: Teppo Asikainen, Vesa Hinkola, Markus Nevalainen, Kari Sivonen, Ilkka Terho, Jan Tromp and Rane Vaskivuori.

The exhibition was organized in collaboration with Design Forum Finland and the Finnish Cultural Institute in New York, with the support of the Consulate General of Finland.